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Gucci outlet rejuvenation has become a common topic of fashion week, even once in luxury, elegance, sexy style known as Gucci will also focus on young design. In the 2014 autumn and winter series, designer Frida Giannini with fresh colors and rich sense of the city's neat design of the brand to a new stage of development.

It is reported that, Frida Giannini in the series inspired by the 1960s style of modern sophisticated design, clean lines, fine materials and candy-like colors, dark and sexy with the previous two quarters distinct style cheap gucci, even evening wear section also is no longer a gorgeous dress, but the city is full of modern flavor skirts, mostly using fine leather material, the local mosaic crystal bright, very suitable for young contemporary elite family.

In addition to crystal ornaments, Frida Giannini is also used in a python pattern design elements decorate the double-breasted jacket, coat and boots, which she deliberately retained part of gucci outlet handbags luxury sexy "tradition", this tradition is also reflected in fur, horse hair, angora, silk and other high-end material of choice, as well as appearing on shoes, clothes, bags or Gucci's signature elements - horsebit.

Adhering to good genes history and tradition, cheap gucci belts and then draw some inspiration menswear design and integration of the last century, modern and urban feel of the 1960s, this is winter in 2014, Frida Giannini for the modern woman to create a new series. After the conference, she said, gucci outlet online fashion is to make women look more beautiful and elegant, these women have their own aesthetic, they will himself very decent not to please others, but make yourself more gracefully alive. Frida Giannini this concept should be the common aspiration of the modern urban women it.

Gucci Profile

Obviously, A-shaped silhouette of the more popular everyday wear and dresses in dress from the skirt, shirt dress from windbreaker to have adopted this outline, plus waist design, so that gucci outlet store more prominent. Thick coats and jackets part of it with a box-shaped profile, the length of the pants to the ankle with a pencil shape, highlights women's legs curve.

Gucci Material

Leather become this season's "leading role", is widely used in the shirt, skirt, pants, skirts and jackets. In addition, Frida Giannini also use the stretch knit wool, angora, mohair, lamb's wool, goat hair and wool beaver, mink, silk and other materials, combined with well-tailored silhouette, so that I no shortage of cheap gucci outlet online fashion in modern classical tradition charm.

Gucci Color

This season colors such as candy-like fantasy, fashion show opening of cheap gucci store blue and bright cornflower blue, soft pink, light green, yellow and other eleven appearances, with black, white, burgundy, camel color matching, etc. together, very seductive but also bring out a fresh taste.

Gucci Accessories

Classic Jackie bag with soft leather and perfect presentation of the new structure, convenient and practical application of a metal bolt lock on the cheap gucci wallets, briefcases and shoulder bag; kinds of footwear horsebit decorated with a variety of colors leather, python skin and luxurious pony hair material, whether or boots and ankle boots, have adopted a low-heeled design; shiny black leather high-heeled boots flashing to lit evening with unique beauty; hand-painted festooned with colored crystal bracelet in horsebit oversized sunglasses and metal trim, embellished the overall shape and gives luxurious beauty.

Gucci Style

Frida Giannini's work revolves around the brand new season history and DNA, and then integrated into the pink, blue, yellow and so fresh and beautiful colors and simple outline for modern urban women to create a modern new series. In the Gucci outlet design, full of charm and luxury elements no longer seemed very blatantly, but the integration of both neutral in the 1960s romanticism and modern style of fashion, so that the overall gucci outlet store design is not the lack of tradition and new content.

In the design, Frida Giannini used some sharp dividing lines, simple design allows richer sense of design, such details with python patterns and bright crystal ornaments together, so that the overall design is more spectacle.

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